Analogue Play Pretend Laboratory

A game design studio focused on imaginary tale—telling in the form of gameplay termed rôle—play. All you need is a pencil, paper, and some dice.

Freelance Rates

Design & layout services are $10.00usd per page for jobs started in 2024. Nonstandard formats will be priced on an individual basis.


Design & Layout for Others

Rocket to Russia

Rocket To Russia is a Sci-Fi Survival Adventure one-shot RPG — in the vein of Contra and Predator — set on a strange island in the middle of nowhere. By John McGuire and Geo Collazo. Design & layout by Derek Kinsman.

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  • Made for Zine Quest III
  • Published by 321 Action.
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Postcards from Cable Street

An anti-fascist rpg charity zine. It features exclusive content for systems such as Mothership, Troika! Best Left Buried, PBTA and self-contained systems, as well as a number of essays, an interview and original games. The proceeds from this RPG Zine will raise money for Hope Not Hate and Football Lads & Lasses Against Fascism.

Dissident Whispers

An anthology of 58 original rpg adventures made by a diverse, international collective of creators in support of the black lives matter movement. All proceeds go towards bail funds.

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  • Published by Tuesday Knight Games & The Whisper Collective.
  • A4 Magazine

Spy in the House of Eth

A hexcrawl set on a mangrove-warrened coast. The twisting inlets shelter pirates and Dugong-Men; the limestone karst hides rogue Automata and abandoned forts. An adventure for Soulmuppet's horror RPG Best Left Buried. Written by Zedeck Siew. Illustrated by Ben Brown. Edited by Jared Sinclair. Design & Layout by Derek Kinsman.

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  • Made for Zine Quest 2
  • Published by Soulmuppet Publishing.
  • A5 Zine


In the Light of a Faded World

Welcome to the future. A future where humans are long gone, cities have been swallowed whole by nature, and you—little creature—finally get to venture forth into these reclaimed spaces. Fully illustrated by Amanda Lee Franck, with prose by Zedeck Siew. Editing by Jarrett Crader & Fiona Maeve Geist.

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  • Made for Zine Quest III
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An Exalted Quest

A limited edition minimalist random adventure generator for Twöhander. Inspired by all the TSR3 nonsense. Exclusive to Exalted Funeral and was only available during their Free RPG 3 charity sale.

  • Made for Free RPG 3
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A minimalist setting based on the X-Files. Contains pregenerated characters, non-player characters, and a way to generate encounters that closely resembles the structure of the televison show. Dear Disney, please don't sue.

  • Made for Pleasure Card Jam
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An Adventure for Twöhander

An extremely limited edition minimalist random encounter generator for Twöhander. Inspired by the dislike of non-standard dice from a certain group of popular people. Sent to retailers in editions of 5, each are individualized.

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A minimalist rule-set inspired by poorly reasoned design advice from a certain group of popular people. Apparently that makes it a #MemeTTRPG.

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Anne Teefa's Coffeehouse & Bookclub

Cleverly disguised super secret membership cards for The Antifa Organization™, an organization that is definitely not real. 100% of the profits go to progressive charities.

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La Guilde des Explorateurs: Haddrithorp Coast A2

A system agnostic adventure that leans into the Lost World literary genre. Part of a continuing series of adventures using repurposed public domain maps.

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La Guilde des Explorateurs: Shizdushar A1

A system agnostic adventure that leans into the Lost World literary genre. Part of a continuing series of adventures using repurposed public domain maps.

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Mishaps of the Extra-Planar Interiors of Infinite Storage Boxes

A rules hack for making inventory management risqué.

  • Made for Zine Quest II
  • Pamphlet

A New Horizon

A lyric game empasizing the vast emptiness of space.

  • Made for Ad Astra Jam
  • Pamphlet

Tunnel Mycologists of the Far Realms

A hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons about mushroom farmers going on adventures. Uses Fungus of the Far Realms from Melsonian Arts Council.

  • Made for Goon Jam
  • Pamphlet

Elk of the Endless Winter

A lyric game about sitting quietly with old trees.

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Always Punch Nazis

The only murderhobo game you need.

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